But Why is the Hijab so special?

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But Why is the Hijab so special?

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Leya, a curious girl, embarks on a mission to figure out why the hijab is so special. Her birthday is only nine days away, and she will soon begin to wear the hijab. But… she doesn’t want to wear the hijab until she knows more about it. She decides to ask her closest family members and friends for their advice, and learns so much along the way. Leya thought the hijab was only a scarf she wrapped around her head, but it turns out… it is so much more. Join Leya on this eye-opening journey towards discovering the true meaning of our God-given gift – the hijab.

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Written by Saher Jaber

Hardback Cover

48 pages

Ages 8 plus

Each book comes wrapped and with a novelty gift.

Figs and Olives Publication Canada


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