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Dawood Loves his books

$ 10.37

Written `by Umm Marwan Ibrahim

Pages 25

Djarabi Publication USA

Ages 3+

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Dawood Loves His Books is a cute rendition of Surah Al-Ikhlas presented in simple crayon-coloured digital illustration. Through the story, the reader gets to know about the Qur’an, and the Speaker behind it.

The author has beautifully narrated a story within the near-rhyming poem that is pleasing to the ears and appealing to the mind. The illustrator has done an amazing job in bringing the visualizations of the story in a manner that is easy for the children to grasp and relate to.

The book ends with a section on Let’s Talk which keeps the book engaging with the audience. The author has also prepared activity sheets related to the story that can be accessed via a QR code that is presented at the end of the book.

Overall, the simplicity of the story which ties in with the basic foundation of a child’s aqeedah, and the adorable illustrations gives the book a 5-star rating.


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