Imam Zainul Abidin a.s. Workbook

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Imam Zainul Abidin a.s. Workbook

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Workbook filled with around 40 activities on the life of the imam.

Ages 8-12

Printed in Canada

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The Knowing the Ma‘sūmīn workbooks have been designed to help children become familiar with the greatness of The Ma‘sūmīn, i.e. the Fourteen Infallibles, which include Prophet Muhammad (s), his daughter Bibi Fātima and the Twelve Imams – may the Divine Peace be with all of them. Each book includes biographical details, their teachings, their companions, their legacy, as well as other details about them. The objective of the books is to inform as well as instill love and respect for the Ma‘sūmīn in the hearts of children. A variety of creative activities and puzzles are combined to make each workbook an engaging learning experience for children.