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River of Truth Cup

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The “River of Truth Al-Hussain Ibn Ali” is a cup with LED lights and sound. It is a very simple way for kids to keep Imam Al-Hussain (peace be upon him) in their thoughts year-round, and to become more and more familiar with him.

The Al-Hussain ibn Ali drinking cup plays an Islamic recitation by one of the most prominent young Muslim reciters, Ammar Alhalwachi. It is kid-friendly, durable and suitable for children 6 years and older.

Product Instructions:

The ON/OFF switch and contact button are on the bottom of the cup.
Lift cup to automatically activate Islamic tune and flashing blue LED lights.
All parts are removable for easy cleaning. Hand wash ONLY. Keep moisture away from removable base to avoid contact with batteries and sound holes.

Do not put in dishwasher, microwave or use with hot liquids.

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